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PP tube

Product description

 Corrosion-free::PP tubes can withstand the corrosion of high concentrations of acids and alkali with a PH value ranging from 1-14 in a wide temperature range.
 Wear-resistant, Non-scaling:PP pipes and pipe fittings feature evenly and smooth inner walls, so the flow resistance is small and the inner wall will not scale.
◇ Reduced Vibration and Noise: PP pipes have an excellent sound insulation, and can significantly reduce the vibration and noise caused by liquid flow.
◇ Frost Crack Resistance:PP material is excellent in elasticity, so that the pipe and pipe fitting section can expand with the frozen liquid but not crack.
 Anti-condensation and Less Heat Loss:PP material is bad thermal conductor, so it can reduce the condensation phenomenon and reduce heat loss.
 Easy Installation:PP pipes boast light weight, easy installation and operation, and weldability.

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